Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Nine

Today we got our wake up call at 2:45 AM. This was because our flight was around 7:30 AM and there was a 45 minute bus ride back to the airport in Tel Aviv. We needed to get there in enough time before our flight. We got ready to go before we went to bed but we really just took a nap in our clothes. I wasn't feeling well so I slept most of the ride to the airport. I think most everyone else slept, too. Security at the airport was a little confusing and very different than at home, but we got through it just fine and to our gate on time.

Once we were situated at our gate, we got something to drink and I tried to catch up on more sleep. My Mom went shopping in the duty free store to spend our leftover Israeli shekels. She got dates from a kibbutz, a huge box of her favorite Toffifay and mini malt balls for me. Then the time came to board our plane. It took me a while to fall back to sleep because the engine noise kept waking me up. Breakfast came but I don't even remember what it was because I was still so tired and sick.

We landed in London and this time we had time to shop. I was feeling a little better so we went to buy chocolate. We got several Cadbury chocolates because that is our family's favorite. It tastes much better than the Cadbury we have. We had to go shopping before settling in at our gate because there was added security. They had to go through your carry on bag again and then they patted you down. Finally we got on the plane and we were headed for home. I slept all of that flight, too and don't remember what they brought for food. Once we got to New York, I didn't realize or remember how cold it was until I went outside. I felt like an icicle in the frozen tundra. I actually got a little sunburn on my face while we were in Israel so it was a big change. We had another couple of hours in the bus before arriving back to church, in the rain. The trip was good but I think my bed will be extra comfortable tonight.


  1. Jen...thanks for taking me on tour with you. It was a blessing. Glad you got to enjoy the Promised Land. Next??? The New Jerusalem.

  2. Loved reading your daily entries Jenny!! Good job. You're an excellent writer! Glad you guys had fun :) You will never forget that trip.

  3. Hi Jenny! I have loved reading your travel journal! All of the places I've read about in the Bible through the years were decribed so well, and some with pictures. It will be interesting for you to hear the Bible stories again now that you've actually been in those very places yourself. So glad you and your family had this opportunity! Love you guys, Mary Jane D.